Rowing 101: Technique

Technique Summary

This pages goal is to accurately describe how to row. Rowing is a predominantly leg sport, but if you are paraplegic, an amputee or otherwise qualify for parasports, please go to the sports resources page, where I have included a link to the World Rowing parasport page. Now, if you are familiar with the deadlift, a stroke in rowing is relatively similar. You start with a straight back, arms straight and gripping your handle, and legs bent at 90 degrees. You push off with your legs, keeping your back straight, and lean back until you feel your core engage. Once your core engages, you pull your handle to your chest, below your pecs, or below your bra line if you are female. Then, you reverse the process, keeping a straight back then entire time. Below that shows what I just discussed, and it comes with closed captions and good audio quality.